Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blocked from following

I tried to re-follow someone on Twitter and found out that I had been blocked at the user's request. Maybe it's because I sent a creepy direct message "I like your new picture." I'd sent this person a lot of medical links which I supposed were of interest. Maybe I was a creep, and I sent an apologetic e-mail and that will probably be that. It's not personal if someone doesn't follow me or drops me on Facebook. It's the other person's decision. I've found Facebook good for reconnecting with folks from my past, but beyond that, it's not much. Oh sure, I follow what they're posting, but can scarcely have a conversation with any. It is what it is. If somebody doesn't call me or return my call or e-mail, I call somebody else. "the only way to have a friend is to be one."

Update (8/21/09): Got some spam from a Twitter person. Maybe someone hijacked his account, and maybe someone hijacked mine. I won't know.

Update 2 (8/21/09): "What someone else thinks of me is none of my business."


  1. I share your sentiments exactly about FB. New techie ways of connecting in general have been hard for me, though, from posting on listserves to, uh, commenting on blogs. I still do it though--have to adapt, right?

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Amy. Yes, I suppose we have to adapt. And I enjoy it mostly.