Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspiring Women: Amy Oscar: Angel

Amy tells a story how she ran out of gas on a bridge on Long Island years ago and was helped by a truck driver. He refused payment or a gift, and even though she copied the phone number and the name of the company from the truck, she couldn’t locate him, the number was disconnected and the company claimed not to have a driver in that area. This was her first “angel experience,” and she writes about it in her Sea of Miracles, of which encounters with angels are just one aspect of experience of “The Universe, The Divine, All That Is.”

I suspect Amy may be an angel too.

She says in another angel-themed story: “ Every encounter is an opportunity for Grace. Open your mind; open your eyes, your ears and your heart to what comes.”

Similarly, Amy writes in a solstice-themed passage “the light you seek is within.

Like Marjory, she says give us your gift: “The real you knows:

  • you are encoded with a genius only you can deliver, a puzzle piece that we need to complete the picture of the world. This genius is calling you onward, upward – home; to a destiny that will fill you with purpose, fullness and joy.
  • you are meant to engage with life – to drop into the mine of the self and, using your own particular tools, figure out how to carry your gold to the surface… to be shared with others.”

And offers the opportunity as exemplified in her generosity towards other writers in the Spring Awakening series and in her weekly #SoulCall on Twitter.

And two of the tools Amy offers for creating a vision for one’s life are the More of This list and her Rules for a Good Life, with emphasis on silence in #9 and prayer and angels in #10.

Amy has a deep sense of the miraculous and the limitless possibilities of life and encourages others towards a like pursuit and awareness and appreciation.

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  1. Speechless with gratitude. Thank you, Garrett. I am so honored by this. :)