Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inspiring Women: Christa Gallopoulous: Journey with pain and fear to a beautiful now

Christa describes Carry It Forward as “A journey from here to there, pointing out little pieces of good along the way...”

What’s astounding for me, though, is following Christa’s journey from launching her site to acknowledging a painful personal history, as well as physical pain, to opening herself to what she’s experiencing right now:

“And I’m much more concerned with my own thoughts than what others think right now. I can’t tell you what a 180 that is. I’d be happy to give up a lot to just paint and write all day. Once upon a time, that would have scared me to death. …

I want truth. I want courage. I want bared souls and open hearts. …

And that wanting is somehow remaking me. I live with fear now, all the time. Maybe I always have. Now I greet it, pretty much 24/7, with open arms. I stretch my body and welcome its stories – the tales it has held for nearly a half century. I’m clearing it all out, taking a look, sorting what stays and what goes. I’m continually surprised, after years of doing my “work”, at how much is still there.”

(Looking at Christa’s tag cloud, fear appears but not as often as “a different way,” “hope,” and “incredible gifts.”)

She has an incredible eye for beauty, as you can see from her pictures that accompany her posts and also her gallery. The same openness about her experience Christa also manifests towards others she encounters upon her journey, especially with hard-wrought words of encouragement.

I’m grateful for Christa in my life today, she teaches me so much about fear, courage, resilience, acceptance, love and beauty.

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