Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inspiring Women: Marjory Mejia: Flow

Marjory’s background is in landscape architecture, and her work helps others unleash flow and creative energy in the spaces where they live and inside themselves. “My canvas is space. My gift is flow,” she writes on her site.

Like Julie Daley, she speaks of the sacred feminine and the awesomeness of a woman's power and connection with the earth, with emphasis on flow and movement, especially in this post on blood which stands traditional taboos on their head.

I love Marjory’s poem that expresses both flow and rootedness:

i am

daughter of river, sea and wind

every drop of my soul

held in the waters of life

She writes eloquently of another cyclical expression of flow, sharing one's gifts:

"that it is a gift only if you share it.

like the honey of a flower keeping not to itself but unfurling and flowing to sweeten the the heart song of a bird singing itself to expansion and the sun beaming its warms rays received by the earth in the love cradled inside our soul radiating those silent pauses breathing us alive in this space drawing us closer and closer”

or by opening one’s heart, or through one’s personal story.

What Marjory shares through her site is a compelling experience of flow, particularly in this catalog of art images on the soul of a woman, or through her Pinterest collections.

And let others tell you through their testimonials what Marjory has brought to their lives.

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