Sunday, December 2, 2012


December 2 - What was the most memorable gathering you attended (or held) in 2012?

Taking the prompt again from Hope again, I think of the past 4th of July.  Cassie and I hosted our family, which this year included Andrew, my brother, Chloe, his partner, and Leon, Alan and Simon, three children all six and under. I don't see my brother often.  It was Cassie's stroke of genius to buy a plastic wading pool for the kids.  Especially meaningful was that the year before we were out of the house because of construction, with no certainty when the house would be fixed or when we would return.  This year, we enjoyed bright sunlight, several outdoor gatherings and a flourishing garden which yielded many vegetables and flowers.  Oliver, our neighbor, remarked that nothing had ever grown in that soil that he could recall.  The 4th has special meaning for Cassie as it was her late father's favorite holiday. It was a summer to remember, especially with the yield from the garden.  Home is especially grounding for Cassie, so to speak. 


  1. How nice to think of plastic wading pools and summer and hope as we have waning days of light here in Georgia, USA. Lovely post Garrett!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words, Ruth