Thursday, December 6, 2012

#Reverb12 - Not to Forget

December 5 - Five things you do not want to forget from 2012? (Prompt from Hope)

1. My joyful surprise at Cassie's successful surgery, happened just as the doctor said it would.  A skilled surgeon would know how and why, though for me something incomprehensible accomplishes the healing and I want to remain forever grateful.

2. Hannah singing the national anthem, rising to the occasion a couple of days after she was hospitalized with an infection.  Driving her to the event she was having difficulty finding the right key, and then she calmly, unflamboyantly settled into it.

3. An abundant garden where one had not grown recently, flowers and vegetables, surprise upon surprise day following day.  Though I've loved fresh tomatoes ever since I can remember, the real gift was the eggplant, which reportedly are hard to grow.  A reminder of the abundance of life and water and soil and sunlight and growth.

4. Meeting Helen in person.  We'd begun a correspondence through the We Love Gratitude website.  I admire her faith, perseverance, humor and colorful way of describing people and events. 

5. The Inspiring Women project, even as it feels unfinished ...

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