Monday, December 3, 2012

Reverb12: There's no forgetting?

This one's not so much in response to a prompt, although I thought of Hope's "storm" theme for today.

Looking back on the past year, not only did I not write much, I forgot my own advice in this blog's title.

I depend on an uncountable number of people each day, particularly in my job.  Plans that I made and expected colleagues to help with did not come about, for reasons that became clear to me later on, but at the time paranoia and resentment clouded my thinking.  I was unwilling to give others the benefit of the doubt and not "take it personally."  Furniture and appliances were not delivered, no one would explain, and I became hostile and non-communicative.

The ice may have melted when I was in the process of writing an accusatory email and then I realized that it said more about it me than its intended recipient.  Where were my priorities that I would take the time to send a "nastygram" instead of focusing on what needed to be done?

So as the moments arise, each out of each, I want to take things more lightly, that maybe what I think must be said in the moment doesn't need to be.  It can wait.  Or it won't matter. 

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